Month: December 2014

No Time Like the Present

Creating Procrastination

In our information overload, task oriented society, procrastinating is considered an obstacle to success. If you want to reach your goals then you better make the “to do” list and start checking things off.

How much time and energy have you spent feeling guilty and worrying about what you or someone else thinks you “should be doing?”  Probably a lot more time than the task would take to accomplish.  After all, enjoying the task is not a prerequisite for doing it.  Sometimes you just need to take the garbage out!

What if there is more to procrastination than meets the eye?  What if “procrastinating” is really part of a desire to create the space for something else to happen.  We’re so quick to judge our behavior that we may be missing an important point and creating an obstacle, not to getting the job done, but to allowing for our own creative process to unfold.

I’m not trying to give you or myself an excuse. I’m talking about allowing for the opening of a creative part of ourselves that hasn’t been given the time or space for expression. Our intuitive voice is often much wiser than our logical mind. Tuning in to that voice can give you the opportunity to look at things differently. “I need to think about that.”  When our logical minds are running the show, the voice of heart and creativity can get lost in the “to do’s.” We may never think of asking ourselves “what’s really important to me about that” or “what is the obstacle to getting the job done.”  Maybe it’s something that you’re not really being called to do.

Sometimes floating in that creative space is just what is needed to allow for “what wants to happen.”  Of course, reframing procrastination will require a different word to describe the concept.  Any thoughts, or do you want to get back to me later?

Roberta Taylor, Board Certified Coach, Pathmaking for Life, is a retirement transition coach, consultant, author and speaker.  She works with individuals, couples and groups to help people create successful and fulfilling lives after fifty.  She is co-author of The Couple’s Retirement Puzzle: 10 Must-Have Conversations for Creating An Amazing New Life Together. www.pathmakingfor life or email